USAs nästa Sverigeambassadör blir Azita Raji

AzitaRajiAmbassador Brzezinski Welcomes Nomination of First Female U.S. Ambassador to Sweden

Ambassador Brzezinski stated “I enthusiastically congratulate Azita on her nomination. Relations between the United States and Sweden have never been stronger, nor have they delivered more for our respective peoples. The U.S.-Sweden relationship is increasingly strategic: We are close partners in addressing key global challenges such as mitigating climate change, safeguarding the Arctic, promoting free trade, and supporting democracy and human rights. As the joint statement issued during President Obama’s historic trip to Sweden in September 2013 notes: ’Sweden and the United States are very special friends.’ I have had three very full years in Sweden, and as my assignment comes to a close, I am proud of our performance and accomplishments. I am certain that our partnership will become even more robust in the years to come.”

Ambassador Brzezinski will continue serving as U.S. Ambassador to Sweden until the arrival of Ms. Raji, pending her confirmation by the Senate.


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