Salomon Tendler

After working in Stockholm as a physician scientist in the field of medical oncology, I moved to New York City in order to pursue a research fellowship in exploring new targeted agents for patients with lung cancer.

From receiving the notice of being one of the recipients of the Sweden-America Foundation’s grants, this has been a truly amazing experience.

I have been incredibly privileged to be able to participate in groundbreaking research at the oncology department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. However, more importantly, I have also been able to meet so many amazing people from every corner of the globe that have come together in the name of science, bringing their languages, traditions, and different thoughts together in to one big melting pot that is New York. Some of these people will have a long-lasting impact on my life, from their attitude towards life to the bold and creative ideas that we together been able to produce.

Working at MSK has also meant having access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies, which has propelled my scientific curiosity and opportunity to investigate the deeper questions that I have been longing to find the answers too.  I have also been fortunate to produce multiple papers on the work that has been proposed, as well as travelling to conferences to gives talks on our work.

Living in an unfamiliar environment has also challenged me to adapt and develop resilience, especially during periods when my research was not being successful, and I really had to dig deep to find a way forward. During these challenging times, I often discovered my own strengths and weaknesses, which had not been exposed in the same way back home. Working in a foreign country has proven to involve stepping out of my comfort zone. This has resulted in personal development, increased self-confidence, and the ability to navigate new and challenging situations.

Life in New York City can be grueling, from the relentless pace and work ethic among my colleagues, to the hustle and bustle of the grocery stores and subway commute. However, it is a great inspiration to be surrounded by so many talented people, from all different kinds of backgrounds and interests.

I have truly enjoyed all the amazing lab outings that we have done, from bowling and watching baseball games, to trying out exotic restaurants as well as being able to enjoy the MET opera and all the amazing museums that NYC has to offer.

Enjoying a lab outing at an amazing baseball game.
Enjoying the MET opera.

In the city that never sleeps, each day is an opportunity for new scientific discoveries, and I will be forever grateful for being able to have experience this feeling.  In conclusion, the scholarship from the Sweden-America Foundation has been an invaluable opportunity for me to explore research, cultural exchange, and personal development. The stay at MSK will certainly shape my future research and career and I am forever grateful to the Sweden-America Foundation for enabling this dream to come true.